open positions

Funded MSc/PhD positions for AI, modeling and optimization research.
If you have IE/DS/IS/Math/EE/CS background, contact to hear more.


current research students

  • Eli Bogdanov (PhD)
  • Iyar Zaks (PhD)

completed research students

  • Aviv Gerasi, 2023, MSc, Conformance checking between a process model and stochastic observations – a comparative analysis (w/Gonen singer)
  • Danit Abukasis, 2022, MSc,  An adaptive machine learning algorithm for the resource-constrained classification problem (w/ Gonen Singer)
  • Iyar Zaks, 2022, MSc, Capacitated machine scheduling for grid computing (w/ Carmel Domshlak)
  • Eli Bogdanov, 2022, MSc, Conformance checking over stochastically known event logs (w/ Avigdor Gal)
  • Elisheva Shukrun, 2021, MSc, Predicting waiting time in queueing systems: comparison of queueing theory and machine learning models (w/ Paul Feigin)
  • Noemie Balouka , 2019, PhD, Multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling problem with value and uncertainty considerations
  • Noa Zychlinski, 2018, PhD, Analysis of hospital networks via time-varying fluid models with blocking (w/ Avishai Mandelbaum)
  • Naama Avital, 2016, MSc, Operational management of supply chain with spare parts (w/ Yale Herer)
  • Nehemia Yaron, 2016, MSc, Parallel testing in project management settings: The impact of new information (w/ Avraham Shtub)
  • Chen Epstein, 2015, MSc, Motion and task planning for autonomous Dubins vehicles (w/ Tal Shima)
  • Noa Zychlinski, 2012, MSc, Developing fluid models for mass casualty events (w/ Avishai Mandelbaum)
  • Elad Landau, 2014, MSc, Multi-echelon supply chains of repairable parts (w/ Avraham Shtub)


  • Simulation (UG)
  • Statistics (UG)
  • Process Modeling and Mining (G/UG)