izack cohen
researching data-aware processes
AI, ML, and optimization techniques

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Scheduling for Cloud Computing
We analyze the performance of a simple scheduling rule for cloud computing settings in which different jobs can …
Process Detection from Video
Our paper was accepted to ICPM 2023. The paper develops an automatic approach for detecting and monitoring processes …
Winning a DFG Grant
I thank the DFG for supporting my research via a competitive grant for the years 2023-2026.The German Research …

I am a researcher (associate professor) in the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan university.
I received my academic education (BSc., MSc. and PhD.) at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Throughout the years, I held senior operations and engineering management positions and led multiple profit and not-for-profit initiatives.
I founded ComPair (acquired), an information technology system for pairing elderly people with required services.
I founded and headed the Industrial and Information Systems Engineering track at BIU until its certification by the Israeli Council for Higher Education (2019-2023).
My public and professional service includes being on the editorial review board of the IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management (2023 Impact factor: 5.8), and on the board of directors of Milopri (a subsidiary of Milout corporation) on behalf of my Kibbutz.